Lethal Ambiguity

Lately, the horrors extant in both Syria and Palestine, due to malign interference of Western and Israeli governments, have served to demonstrate the role the media plays (or doesn’t) in such enterprise. Governments in the US, UK, France and Canada rely upon the good favour of their respective populations in creating questionable permissions to pursue their nefarious agendas. Those said populations receive their information regarding these matters from, for the most part, the mainstream media. It is therefore in the best interests of such governments to strongly influence or even control the flow of information that reaches the citizenry, which means maintaining an unethical grip upon media outlets.

The widespread debate upon a Syrian bombing campaign highlighted the ways in which public opinion can be manipulated. The tragedies of the Paris attacks were utilized to full effect to justify bombs being inevitably dropped on civilian areas of Syria. The media were to the fore in this presentation. The media assisted in furthering particular agendas. The media choose, and chose, to ignore atrocities on a larger scale than Paris which occur daily in Syria and regularly in Palestine. The media is a weapon of war.

This formidable information tool of warfare is now where wars begin. It’s where wars are maintained, but it can never be where a war is won, as such deceit and counterpoint is played out upon a bloody tableau of innocent broken corpses.

State misinformation and its dissemination -be it in Israel, the US or in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland- creates ambiguity which in turn allows corrupt forces to ply their sordid wares. The populace are kept, if not in the dark, then certainly in the shadows where they can only guess at the truth should they be so inclined.

Expensive missiles bring smiles to the faces of defence contractors and death to children. Bullets buy decadent lifestyles for arms manufacturers and bestow bloody bodies to the lands of the Middle East.

But shall it be said, that given the deliberate and official distortion of information, the redaction and the censorship of the truth, that the most potent weapon in any scurrilous government’s armoury is that of the question mark?

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