The Sex Lives Of Siamese Twins – Novel By Irvine Welsh

The Sex Lives Of Siamese Twins by Irvine Welsh Prepare yourselves for the ride of a lifetime as the author of Trainspotting and The Blade Artist moves to Miami to wreak havoc among the beautiful people to be found parading their shallow wares in that part of the USA. This is one of the most […]

Women – Novel By Charles Bukowski

Women   by Charles Bukowski Henry ‘Hank’ Chinaski is an alcoholic writer who maintains a complex relationship with the many women in his life. He’s a highly regarded poet who likes to get drunk and fight with his audiences at readings. He enjoys his literary groupies, often twice in one night and three times on a […]

Come Sundown

Come Sundown   by Nora Roberts Let me start by stating that I am a fan, in general, of Nora Roberts. I will contain my appreciation for her work to those times when she writes as J.D. Robb and Rebel Voice has already covered such tomes in the Book Review section. Come Sundown is not one […]

Mortal Prey – John Sandford Thriller

Mortal Prey by John Sandford John Sandford, real name, John Camp, is a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist. His media skill-set has transformed impressively into fiction (insert fake media joke here) and he is, to put it bluntly, a fucking literary great. Rebel Voice has, at this time, read quite a number of Sandford’s stories, and not one […]

The Soul Collectors

The Soul Collectors  by Chris Mooney This book is one in a series – no.4 I think – and so I must caution readers that, as with most sequential tomes, it is preferable to start at the beginning to better appreciate the story. I didn’t do that, as I’m new to Chris Mooney and I’m […]

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Dawn of the Dreadfuls

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Dawn of the Dreadfuls  by Steve Hockensmith The title says it all, a book set in the time of the much lauded Bennet family, but one where vicious zombies (is there any other kind?) have returned to cultured England after a previous war to exterminate them failed. This book is […]