Auld Lang Syne – Various Artists

This is a collection of artists performing the song of choice for the New Year, Auld Lang Syne. The song’s Scots title may be translated into standard English as “old long since”, or more idiomatically, “long long ago”, “days gone by” or “old times”. Consequently, “For auld lang syne”, as it appears in the first line […]

Black Widow

Black Widow   by Chris Brookmyre One of the favourite activities of Rebel Voice is learning a little about new places, especially those that are not as widely covered in popular literature. Inverness, in Scotland, is such a place and Black Widow is set there. Sadly, although the city and region make a nice backdrop, […]

Dolores Keane – Caledonia

Rebel Voice recalled hearing this song in an advert on TV many years ago now. It was also on the highly successful album, A Woman’s Heart. Sadly, Dolores Keane has not appeared in public as much as she used to, having bravely survived a battle with cancer.

The Blade Artist

Book Review The Blade Artist   by Irvine Welsh Begbie’s back! Fans of Trainspotting will be all too familiar with the psychopathic Scotsman who starred in both book and movie of the same name. The Blade Artist is Franco Begbie’s story. James Francis Begbie has moved from Edinburgh to California, where he has reinvented himself […]

Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove  by Larry McMurtry The tag-line on the cover of this book reads, An epic journey that will change their lives forever… The story does indeed chart an epic journey. This is an epic book. Larry McMurtry’s novel won him a Pulitzer, and I can understand why. Lonesome Dove is a classic in the […]

The Wedding

                           The Wedding   The sheltered grassy haven, encircled by a stream, Caught memories of old, now held in time, Where Elfin folk would play, would dance, their music of a dream, The storied sounds now cast upon a rhyme.   Summer smiles upon her lot and welcomes down the sun, To warm the hearts, […]

Arthur Dooley – Irish Scouser Who Made His Mark

Arthur John Dooley was a Hiberno-English sculptor and artist who was born in Liverpool 17th January 1929, and died there also, 7th January 1994. After leaving school at 14, Dooley worked as a deckhand on the Mersey tugboats, before joining the Irish Guards as a boy soldier. During his nine years’ army service he was trained […]

Irish Brigade In The Battle Of Culloden

This is an insight into the Irish Brigade who fought heroically for Bonnie Prince Charlie at the Battle of Culloden in 1746. Every member of the Brigade was either killed or wounded as they fought to stop the English advances, thus saving many Scottish troops from certain death. Here is a Scottish memorial to those […]

George Seawright Burns In Hell

More youthful readers may not have heard of the Scottish bigot, George Seawright, who was a member of the DUP and a Unionist paramilitary member of the UVF. This computer generated audio gives a brief description of his life and death. Seawright was a sectarian bigot of the worst kind. I recall when he was […]

Unionist ‘Christian’ Attacks Scotsman

In this short video we can see the type of Unionist who will call themselves ‘Christian’ whilst at the same time being anything but. It seems, at times, that this particular type of ‘Christian’, who verbally attacks George Galloway during the Nolan Show, is the same kind who would have enjoyed stoning women during past […]

Temple, Gods and Sacrifice on Slieve Gullion

It’s colder and wetter now. The climate has cooled. The crops are failing. To appease their fickle deities the tribesmen must make a powerful sacrifice. They stand nervously huddled within the shadowy chamber and restrain their drugged victim as outside the steadily weakening sun falls ominously to mark the end of the year. It’s 3000 […]