Unionist ‘Christian’ Attacks Scotsman

In this short video we can see the type of Unionist who will call themselves ‘Christian’ whilst at the same time being anything but.

It seems, at times, that this particular type of ‘Christian’, who verbally attacks George Galloway during the Nolan Show, is the same kind who would have enjoyed stoning women during past times; who would have steadfastly imposed the Penal Laws upon the majority population of Ireland; who would have profited from the institutionalized sectarianism in the Occupied Six Counties after the crime of partition; who is, as Galloway states, a bigot.

Watch how George stares at the man. Galloway, who states he was, “born in an attic in a slum tenement in the Irish quarter of Dundee, which is known as Tipperary” is not soft, no matter how much purring he does in Big Brother. He is also an eloquent speaker and a good friend to the Irish people.

Of note in the clip is the mention, at the end, of how David Cameron might end up needing the support of the DUP in a past Westminster election, and the possible reaction of the people in Britain to that. Fast forward a few short years and we now see Theresa May in that exact predicament. Let us take a moment to laugh at that…

OK, now that that’s done, enjoy the insert when the Unionist half-wit berating Galloway tells him to go “away back to Britain”. It reminds me of the Orange Order protester at Drumcree some years ago  who was filmed calling the RUC “black bastards”. Sometimes you have to pity the fools…

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