‘Twelve’ Is Celebration Of Sectarianism

As the Day of Hate (12th July) moves closer, I wonder how many stop to think about why that particular day is chosen as an official holiday. The ‘Twelve’ was originally a remembrance of the Battle of Aughrim which then incorporated a similar remembrance of the Battle Of the Boyne (fought 1st July). It should […]

Comic’s Take On Flegs In OSC

This joker has offered up a simplistic solution to the problem of flags, or flegs, in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC). The short piece does illustrate the variety of symbols to be found in the OSC, and how easy it is to get bogged down in the argument. For the record, Rebel Voice recommends that […]

Unionist Versus Nationalist

Here we have a typical Unionist sweetheart, who likes to be seen and heard. Compare with the video that follows. And here we have a typical Nationalist/Republican sweetheart who we might like to see and hear. Unionism is screwed… ahem…  

March Of The Bigots On Its Way

The video clip attached gives an insight into the issue of Orange Order marches in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) of Ireland, and the conflict that follows them. It centres around a demand by a quasi-political, quasi-religious, anachronistic Protestant fraternity to march through a Catholic area where local residents did not want them. The Orange […]

Reflections On The Ten – Poem By A.D.

This piece of verse comments upon the major occurrences of the poet’s life. It moves in a cryptic manner through global events coming to rest upon the tragedies that marked his life more fully than the others. “The Ten” refers to the Irish hunger strikers who were martyred in the H-block protests of 1981.   […]