US Occupation Of Syria Coincidentally In Oil-rich Areas?

Yet again, the US has managed to insert its troops in another nation without their permission, whilst managing to present it as a humanitarian mission. Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ecuador, Colombia, the list goes on and it’s the US taxpayer who foots the initial bill for such imperialism. The propaganda machine of the Empire is […]

Israel Dragging US Into World War III?

This article looks at the role Israel is playing in encouraging the US to become involved in a full-on confrontation with the major powers in the Middle East. The question must be asked, Is Israel behind the increasing US involvement, or are the US administration and its corporate comptrollers willingly headed to global war? – […]

Israel Using Gaza As Field Test Site For New Weaponry

In the following shocking report, Israeli Miko Peled reveals that Israel are using the land and people of Gaza as guinea pigs in the testing and demonstrations of new weapons systems that are then being sold to overseas buyers. It has been long accepted that war means profit for a few, death and destruction for […]

Ecuador Attacks By Unknowns – US Troops To Regain Access To Country?

This is more on the terrorism taking place on the Ecuadorian and Colombian border. Those responsible for the attacks are not yet known. But certain vested interests are calling for a return of US troops to the region. Could it be that the supposed narco-terrorism is merely a pretext for greater involvement of US military […]

Nuclear War Imminent Between US and North Korea

Although the US and North Korea have agreed in principle to meet in May, there is a long way to go before it happens. Analysts all know that the DPRK will not surrender their nuclear weapons. Why would a state give up the only means it has to defend itself from another state that has […]

US Journalist Hammers Israeli Regime In Joe Rogan Podcast

In this excellent podcast, featuring Abby Martin, the acclaimed US journalist tells us about her experiences when she visited Palestine. The language is strong, but then again it needs to be as Abby recounts the horror that Palestinians must endure each and every day. She is clearly someone who cares deeply about the oppressed across […]

US And NATO Military Bases

The US Federal government is continually expanding its military presence across the planet in pursuit of future total global domination. Today it uses NATO as an international screen to hide behind when undertaking immoral and unethical actions.

Renowned Peace Activist Condemns US Policies In Epic Speech

This speech is a beautifully crafted, heartfelt and genuine critique upon the actions of successive Administrations of the United States of America. It is a damning indictment of domestic and foreign policies that have been formulated by the military-industrial complex of the US. Who among you will listen? (Dahlia Wasfi is an American physician and peace […]

Who Controls ISIS Terrorists?

The horror is unspeakable. The slaughter of innocents in Manchester is only now beginning to become clearer. Children murdered by a fanatic. The people of England now sadly begin to better understand how life has been in Syria, and Yemen and Palestine. Those animals (and there will be more than one) responsible for the Manchester […]

Yemen Crisis Deepens With Cholera Outbreak

The current Saudi-led pogroms against the Houthi people are being facilitated by western governments, most notably the UK and the US. Civilians, including children, are being murdered in deliberate airstrikes targeting innocent populations. The White House and Downing Street know of the carnage that their weapons have unleashed in the bloodied hands of the Saudi regime, […]

UK Minister Defends Saudi Slaughter Of Yemeni Civilians

This piece (following) from Sputnik is important for three reasons. Firstly, it demonstrates the inhuman attacks by the Saudi regime against the civilian population of Yemen. Secondly, it comments upon the relationship between the Saudi dictatorship and both the US and the UK, who supply the regime with weapons to use against the civilians of […]

War is Profit for Military-Industrial Complex

Evo Morales is correct in his observations in this brief article from teleSur. War means profit for the military-industrial complex. Major wars means major profits. Those who initiate wars will be found to benefit, financially, from such heinous actions. If there was no profit to be made from bombing Syria, then Syria would not be […]