San Francisco Mural Connects Residents To Palestine

San Francisco is a city long regarded as being in the vanguard of campaigning for civil rights, and opposing injustice. It is a very progressive place and when residents of San Fran speak out, others listen. The Mission District was once heavily populated by Irish immigrants and their descendants. Today it has more of a […]

Peter O’Toole – The Definitive Biography

Peter O’Toole- The Definitive Biography by Robert Sellers When people usually think of Peter O’Toole, they imagine a hard-drinking, hell-raising Irishman who starred in the title role of Lawrence of Arabia. O’Toole was both hard-drinking and a hell-raiser, as well as having been nominated for 8 Best Actor Oscars, winning none. However, he wasn’t Irish, […]

The Wolfe Tones – My Heart Is In Ireland

This is a standard of the folk scene in Ireland and wherever the Irish diaspora gather. It’s a lament for the emigrants and their descendants who live around the world. It can be difficult for those from some other nations to fully understand the emotional connections that Irish people have for their place of birth. […]

Come Sundown

Come Sundown¬† ¬†by Nora Roberts Let me start by stating that I am a fan, in general, of Nora Roberts. I will contain my appreciation for her work to those times when she writes as J.D. Robb and Rebel Voice has already covered such tomes in the Book Review section. Come Sundown is not one […]