Extreme Skiing In Alaska’s Magic Kingdom

Extreme skiers dice with death. Although they take precautions, there is always a serious element of danger as they hurtle down icy slopes and hope that they don’t take a spill or start an avalanche. The sport takes skill, balance, vision, quick reactions and natural grace. It also requires balls and ovaries big enough to […]

Extreme Sports – Base Jumping And Wing Suits [with footage]

Humans are mental. OK, not all of us but quite a lot. How else can you describe a species that will throw itself out of a perfectly good aeroplane with only a piece of nylon to stop you from hitting the earth at 100 mph? Skydiving is an extreme sport. Yet some adherents take the […]

20 Of The Most Insane Parkour Jumps Of All Time

Humans are mental. We all know this. Why else would females wear shoes with really high heels that make chastity belts look comfortable. And of course what about chastity belts, what other species would conceive of such an idea? Humans are mental. The following video gives us a look at some of the more extreme […]

Rock Climbing On El Capitan – Emily Harrington

Here we can see that extreme sports such as rock climbing are not just for those with testicles, they’re for all those who have balls. In this vid we meet Emily Harrington, a renowned climber who tackles the Golden Gate over the course of six days and nights. The action is breath-taking. – If you […]