20 Of The Most Insane Jumps Of All Time

Humans are mental. We all know this. Why else would females wear shoes with really high heels that make chastity belts look comfortable. And of course what about chastity belts, what other species would conceive of such an idea? Humans are mental.

The following video gives us a look at some of the more extreme ways in which we, as a species, seek to confound the norms of nature. There is one clip of a man jumping out of a plane with no parachute and landing in a net having fallen thousands of feet. That’s just plain f**king crazy. Yet that is what some humans chose to do. They continually push the boundaries. Many fail and die. But that’s a different article.

Have a look at just how much lunacy there is among our brothers and sisters. Then be thankful that you’re not just that bad. Or are you?

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