Obliterated Families – Stories From Gaza (Interactive Format)

The tragedy of The Palestine Crisis has been well documented by this time. Those who have an interest will be aware of the colonial reasons for the formation of the Israeli state, and the bloody methods used to achieve that political reality. They will also be informed about the crimes against humanity perpetrated by Israel against the civilian population of Palestine, especially Gaza. Today, those crimes continue unabated with the complicity of the United States government who have recently announced that the illegal Zionist squats in the Occupied Palestinian Territories are now to be officially considered legal.

This policy shift by the Trump regime signals a major deterioration in the manner in which the US is going to treat the people of Palestine. Rebel Voice wonders what kind of hold Zionism has over Donald Trump? As the media persist in focusing (perhaps with a hidden agenda) upon alleged Russian interference in US politics, they deliberately ignore the blatant Israeli influence upon both domestic and foreign US policy. It seems implausible to suggest that there’s a grand design to all of this, and that it’s being directed by Zionism. But should one look at the facts, and there are many, then there can be no other conclusion. Zionism is exerting undue influence upon US government policy.

Rebel Voice does not believe that Zionists (and we do mean Zionists, not Jews) are in complete control of the United States of America. The major comptrollers of the US have always been old money WASPs. This financially elite group are not known for their tolerance of any others outside of their privileged set. Jews are not traditionally to be included in the inner circles of the WASP play-makers. However, when interests coincide, then the US WASP shadow government will quite happily work with Jews, Muslims, Catholics and anyone else who will help them turn a buck. But only if it’s profitable and expedient.

Trump’s hard-line stance on Palestine, that flies in the face of global opinion, does not seem at first glance to be beneficial to the USA nor its WASP controllers. This leaves two options for why he has taken this path.

  1. There is method to his madness not yet apparent.
  2. Israel has successfully targeted Donald Trump and is using information to control him; essentially blackmailing the President of the USA.

For point one we need only look at the escalating conflict with Iran. We also need to remember that Iran is very rich in both oil and gas. The US Establishment craves these commodities. Remember why the war was started and fought in Iraq? Remember why the Capitalists of Venezuela, at the behest of their US paymasters, have repeatedly tried to seize control of that nation, also rich in oil? Consider how a military coup in Bolivia was conducted at the behest of the WASP elite of the US who covet the lithium (batteries etc), gas and oil of that nation.

Israel is the pit-bull of the USA in the Middle East. It is armed to the teeth. It has nuclear weapons in defiance of all international treaties, the only state allowed to do so. It has shown a willingness to kill civilians in large numbers whilst using false charges of anti-Semitism to hide behind. Israel is the ideal weapon for the WASPish elite to use in their desire to bring Iran and all other Middle Eastern nations to heel.

For their part, Israel requires payment, hence the effective gifting of all of Palestine to the rogue Zionist state. By facilitating Israeli dreams of expansion (reminiscent of Nazi Lebensraum), Trump is ensuring that the US has a point man in the upcoming war with Iran. And there will be a war with Iran unless, that is, Russia and China move strongly to prevent it. The world waits with baited breath.

Point 2, of why the US administration is fully on board with Project Greater Israel, is easy to understand. Trump is a morally vacuous person. He was personal friends with people such as the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Many observers believe that Epstein was using evidence of sex crimes to influence those who availed of the perverse services he provided. Andrew Windsor is finding out  to his cost just how serious such indiscretions are. Is it impossible to believe that Trump was filmed in flagrante delicto with a minor? Would someone, like Epstein, who was connected to the Israeli intelligence services, use this information to control Trump?

The current approach by Trump et al is contrary to all good sense. The USA is becoming more isolated as each week goes past. That’s not good business. Only Israel benefits, at least in the short term. Only time will tell what truth lies behind the sinister moves by Trump and his Zionist cohorts.

Meanwhile, in Palestine, entire families are being obliterated. Men, women and children are murdered by the actions of the Israeli regime. Israel blames everyone else for the bombs and missiles they drop on civilians. The US regime doesn’t care. The following is an interactive look at the victims of the 2014 onslaught by Israel against the civilian population of Gaza. It pays special attention to the suffering of families who lost multiple members. Time moves on but the survivors of Israel’s atrocities carry their pain and grief forever. This article helps us to remember that.

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