Luke Kelly – The Lifeboat Mona (Folk)

Luke Kelly was a member of the globally renowned Irish folk band, The Dubliners. His strong vocals and intense passion for, and belief in, the songs he sang made him one of the foremost folk singers of his or any time. In this offering, he regales us with a ballad about a Scottish lifeboat named Mona, which sank on 8th December, 1959, with the loss of the entire crew of 8 men. At the time, the Mona was on her way from Broughton to help a lightship which was in distress. Ironically, the crew of the troubled vessel escaped by helicopter later that day. It is said that the Mona saved 118 lives during her tenure. This song was written by Peggy Seeger, half-sister of Pete Seeger and wife of the late Ewan MacColl.

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