Blues Saraceno – Carry Me Back Home (Country Blues)

Here’s one from the much under-rated Blues Saraceno. It has a fine melody and lyrics that tug at the heartstrings. It also has a nice banjo plinking unobtrusively in the background at times. This track does sound similar to the big Blues Saraceno hit, The Devil Never Sleeps. This is something that happens often in the world of music as artists find it difficult to detach from their previous work, and the rhythms repeat.

Rebel Voice likes to listen to this whilst sitting on the roof of the house dressed in swimwear, with binoculars and a snorkel kit, as the neighbours wonder what going on. It’s best to tell them that a flash flood has been forecast and then watch in amusement at what they do.

Here’s another from Blues Saraceno:

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