Dropkick Murphys – Rose Tattoo (Irish Trad Rock)

This rockin’ band of loons hails from the Boston area and has been thrilling audiences for decades with their high octane blend of punk rock and Irish music. They followed in the footsteps of fellow Irish-American supergroup, Black 47, but stand on their own reputation which is considerable. The line-up has changed over the years but the music has not, and today the Dropkick Murphys can be heard blasting out tunes such as Finnegan’s Wake, Devil’s Brigade and their massive hit, I’m Shippin Up To Boston.

Here is another of their hits, Rose Tattoo, which is, in it’s own way, a poignant love song. Aw… those Bostonian Brahmins from the South Side. Always bringing a tear to Rebel Voice‘s eye.

Here is another from this great band:


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