Top 20 Iconic Horror Movie Masks

It’s perhaps of concern that so many people like to dress up as horror villains and wear masks associated with evil intent. Halloween must be a psychologist’s wet dream. We, the people, like to become the bad guy, if only in our fevered imaginations. We become Michael Myers, Leatherface and Freddie Kruger, giving little thought to the crimes these fictional characters are guilty of. It can be said that we are a strange species indeed.

The following takes a light look at 20 of the most iconic masks in the world of horror movies. How many have you spotted during festivals? How many have you worn? How many would you like to wear? How many people have you cut up with a chainsaw? Forget that last one as Rebel Voice doesn’t want to know, and will continue to think of all followers of this site as morally sound, angelic individuals with a penchant for harp music. We’re right about that though, aren’t we? Well… aren’t we…?

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