Gaza – World’s Largest Prison

There are more than 2 million souls in the Gaza Strip. They are imprisoned by the state of Israel in what has been described as the largest open-air prison in the world. The governments of the West know what is happening in Gaza yet do nothing lest they upset the rogue Zionist state.

The people there struggle to live normal lives. Their fishermen are attacked and killed by the Israeli navy. Their farmers are attacked and killed by the storm-troopers of the Israeli military. The food that is imported into the region is measured carefully by the Zionist regime lest the people have too much, or enough.

When the residents of Gaza decide to protest peacefully, they are shot down by snipers. Medical personnel, journalists, women and children; it makes no difference. They are all gunned down by Israeli forces. The governments of the West know this but do nothing.

Neither will the western media tell the full story. Stories and reports from Gaza regularly omit the truth. They misrepresent what is happening. The people of the West are being deceived by the very media they rely on to provide them with the full facts about a crisis.

The governments of the West; the corporations that conduct business as usual with Israel; the compliant and immoral media; they are all complicit in the crimes against humanity that are being perpetrated upon the civilians of Gaza. The following article is but one ragged thread of this terrible tapestry.

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