Nakba – One Man Remembers His Life Before Ethnic Cleansing

The story of the Nakba is one of terror, hardship, ethnic cleansing and death. It was a period when crazed foreign Zionists massacred indigenous Arabs and stole their land and livelihoods. It was a time when tears were shed, screams rang out and blood flowed from the Palestinian dead. It was a time when the state of Israel was eventually formed.

When statistics are quoted, such as that more than 700,000 Palestinian civilians were expelled from their homes, it can be easy to overlook the human factor in it all. Each person forced to leave the land had dreams, family and a community. Stats can often be too impersonal.

In the following video, we meet one man who can remember that terrible time known as the Nakba. Let’s listen to his story so that we may better understand all that was lost and all that stands to be regained, if only we believe.

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