Residents Of Gaza Speak About Israeli Terror That Falls From The Skies

The latest round of attacks by Israel upon the civilian population of Gaza serve to highlight the cruel reality that makes up the Zionist state. Two pregnant women dead. One 4 month old baby. One 18 month old toddler. One 12 year-old boy. Hundreds of homes destroyed. This is Israel.

Impartial observers will wonder how the Israeli regime manages to get away with its brutality. They will question the morality of an international community, and media, that would see Israel continue to slaughter Palestinian people unhindered. There is no war. There is an inhumane regime, armed to the teeth, determined to steal the territory it wants. There is a beleaguered people who refuse to be ethnically cleansed, oppressed or disappeared. There is a western society who are being hoodwinked by an all-powerful Zionist media. There are those who know the truth. This is reality.

The following introduces us to some of the civilian population of Gaza in the aftermath of the most recent Israeli crimes against humanity. Their story deserves to be told. And heard.

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  1. Powerful words but nothing on earth will move those who are bent upon not paying heed to the Zionist crimes. Criminal delusion attempts to obliterate the misery of millions right across the globe.

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