Shocking Footage Of Terrorist Attack On New Zealand Mosque (Explicit Imagery, Caution Advised)

On 15th March, 2019, at approximately 1:45 pm, New Zealand Daylight Time, a lone gunman entered a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, and murdered 49 people. Scores of others were wounded, many seriously. The killer has been apprehended and identified as 28-year-old, Brenton Tarrant, an Australian national, fascist and Islamophobe.

The killer, who is said to have expressed support for Zionism, released a 74 page ‘manifesto’, which he has pretentiously titled, ‘The Great Replacement’. In it, the Australian, who claims descent from English, Irish and Scottish stock, condemns what he refers to as colonialism. He raves about the presence of Muslims in Europe and across the western world. He also lauds Trump as a ‘symbol of renewed white identity and purpose’, and claims that the person who most closely resembles his own beliefs is the reviled English fascist and admirer of Hitler, Oswald Mosley, who died in 1980.

The first video here provides an introduction to the carnage in Christchurch and prepares the viewer for the others that follow. The killer, who comes across as mentally childish in his own recordings, claims not to desire infamy. The authorities in turn claim that the video of the shootings should not be viewed. Social media has moved to censor all actual footage.

Rebel Voice asks who has the right to smother the tragic events of Christchurch? If the authorities succeed in shutting down all access to the footage, then what about the next news story? Or the next? Are we, the people, to be denied the chance to see for ourselves just what we are up against?

It should be remembered that footage of 9/11 was not closed down. Those viewings served to excite support for the US invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Do the powers-that-be get to chose what is suitable for us? Is their decision-making dependent upon their covert agendas? Should we allow ourselves to be manipulated in this way? Do you trust official approaches to news coverage? Are outrages against Muslims to be downplayed for the sake of corporate ventures in the Middle East?

With this in mind, Rebel Voice has put up the footage of the attack, and associated manifesto of nonsense. If you’re squeamish, or very sensitive, then don’t watch. But if you want to see the evil that exists out there, and the consequences of a rising tide of Islamophobia as perpetrated by Trump, his corporate regime and the rogue state of Israel, then look at what happened in Christchurch. Know your enemy.

The following link is for the ‘manifesto’ of the mass murderer, Brenton Tarrant. It’s a rambling document that reads as if it has been compiled by someone with severe mental defects, which it has. If this documented rubbish tells us anything, it’s that people like Tarrant are not alone in our world. His words give us insight into how the most evil percentile on this planet think. Know your enemy.

The following video is of the actual shootings in the mosque in Christchurch. It’s explicit and shows the victims as they are gunned down. It’s not for the faint of heart and should not be viewed by those easily sickened, or the underage. The footage resembles a first-person shooter video game. Rebel Voice wonders if the coward, Tarrant, indulged in this video pursuit and so further warped his disturbed mind.

It’s shocking to see how casually innocent life is taken by this monster. Rebel Voice is placing this video on this site so that you might see for yourself what we are up against in our desire for a world of equality, opportunity and peace. Know your enemy.

Update: the videos of the terrorist attack have been removed by the censor-police. Not only the actual footage has been removed, but also the news report that covered the incident. It would seem as if Muslims suffering and dying is not as important as others going through the same. Perhaps, if the truth is downplayed, the horror will be reduced. There will then be less need for governments to act strongly to confront the rising Islamophobia extant in western society.

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  1. This is what is bound to happen when you play with human psyche as recklessly as our behind the scenes Globalists have. We just do not look at how subliminally the mass psyche has been driven towards embracing an extremist mind-set. Politicizing Islam to reap the profits of ongoing proxy wars around the globe has led to the engineered migrant crisis, rise of Islamophobia in the West and ultra-orthodox religious mind-set in the East – not to forget Christian extremism and White supremacy among many other forms of fascism. With that said only the following days will reveal if this was an isolated act of a twisted psychopath or an orchestrated act of terrorism albeit any revelation in that respect shall not change the fact the self-seeking actions of the Globalist Deep state have in fact succeeded at ruining the moral thread of the human society across the globe.

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