The Story Of The Nakba, The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine By Zionist Fanatics

The story of the Nakba (Arabic for Catastrophe) is one of ethnic cleansing and genocidal tendencies as practiced by the foreign Zionists who invaded Palestine from the end of the 19th century until after the conclusion of World War 2. During that torrid time, approximately 800,000 indigenous Palestinians were expelled from their homes by European Jews. Some of those Jews were refugees from a broken Europe and carried with them a great and understandable anger at events during that global conflict.

The Jewish Zionists, with the complicity of inaction by the United Nations, slaughtered entire villages such as Deir Yassin, in which the number of fatalities is estimated as being anywhere between 107-254. A member of the International Red Cross, Jacques de Reynier, reported that 150 corpses were found in one cistern alone. Some of the dead had been decapitated or disemboweled. An Israeli historian, Benny Morris, has written that there were cases of mutilation and rape.

As many of the Zionist forces consisted of those who had survived the Nazi death camps, it can be seen that they had decided to employ brutal methods similar to that practiced by Hitler et al against the Palestinians. This is a common psychological condition experienced by those who survive trauma. They ofttimes become that which they hate, consumed by their own pain and bitterness.

Today, Israel and its supporters are trying to downplay the viciousness of the Nakba, and the conduct of those Zionists involved in it. As with the reasons for Israel’s creation, many lies are being told by Israelis and pro-Israelis in a major propaganda offensive. The following video takes us through the Nakba and allows us a closer look at one of the great untold stories of terror currently being suppressed by a compliant Zionist media.

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