Kalashnikov’s New RPK-16 Assault Rifle – The New Face Of Weaponry

Here, you can take a look at the new Kalashnikov RPK-16 rifle. It comes from a company with a fine pedigree. There are few conflicts around the globe where a Kalashnikov is not seen, or heard. This particular weapon can be fitted with a 95 round drum, making it a terrifying addition to any arsenal. State forces as well as revolutionary groups will be clambering to get hold of the RPK-16. Rebel Voice hopes that bin lids who hate their school friends do not manage to access these weapons or there will be even greater carnage. Still, as unfortunate as war is, if you’re going to buy a weapon you could do a lot worse than to buy Russian. They have form in this field.

(Note: Rebel Voice was not paid to endorse this product, but if Kalashnikov want to send a half dozen RPK-16‘s to this site then no one will argue…)

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