Top 10 Movies Everyone Should See At Least Once – Do You Agree With This List?

We all enjoy the movies, but not the same ones. Some of us like the squelchy stuff whereas others revel in explosions and action. There are the oldies and the newbies; the artsy and the fartsy; the costly and the cheap. There is something for everyone.

But do you consider yourself to be well versed in what are described as the classics? When in polite company, do you find yourself unable to chat about The Seven Samurai which gave us The Magnificent Seven with Yul Brynner, or feel at a loss when someone brings up Nurse Rachet and compares her to their mother-in-law?

If you wish to avoid such embarrassing episodes, (and to be quite honest, if that’s all you have to worry about then let Rebel Voice know for we’re jealous of you) take a look at the following compilation of 10 of those must-see movies. You will become fully informed about Norman and his fetish for mum’s clothes, New York Italian mobsters and their paranoia, as well as staying ahead of the curve in jokes about flying monkeys and Dorothy’s house. But how many movies should be on this list yet aren’t?

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5 Responses

  1. Sabrina Mazzora

    The elephant man, Hiroshima mon amour, Little prince, all the Kubrick movies, Django, Thin red line, but there is so many is just to hard to make even suggestion ☺

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