Flying Foxes Versus Freshwater Crocodiles

They are known as Flying Foxes , but are really just very big bats. These impressive creatures can be found from the Pacific islands to southern Asia to East Africa. They are nocturnal and eat fruit, which gives them their other name of Fruit Bat. They do not have echolocation but do have very keen eyesight, which is just as well because when the temperatures soar the bats need to drink or die, and to do this they sweep down across the river scooping up water as they pass. Unfortunately for them, crocodiles lie in wait hoping for a fast food delivery. The following footage shows just how precarious the entire endeavour of taking a drink can be for these brutish bats that do carry diseases transmittable to humans (apparently, the crocs don’t care about such trivial matters and only want a snack or two).

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