Republic Of Telly – Irish Mammies (Irish Satire)

The Irish among you will understand the Cult of the Irish Mother. It is a religious belief system that extends across the globe wherever mothers are found, but has its idiosyncrasies in each culture. In Ireland, regardless of whether you are from Ulster, Munster, Leinster or Connaught, you will be familiar with the ways of the mums of the Emerald Isle.

Irish mammies are the politicians of the home. They have perfected the concept of cute hoorism to the point where it can be regarded as an art form. Their children, even the grown ones, do not stand a chance. They will always be outwitted and are sure to spend their days, and adult lives, wondering how it all happened so subtly.

The following presentation takes a light look at the ways in which Irish mammies manipulate their offspring. The only true competition for an Irish Mammy is another Irish Mammy. When they fight, stand well back and cover your eyes and ears for the air will turn red, birds will fall from the skies and hippos will run to the river in search of safety. You have been warned.

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