New Exposé On Malign Israeli Tactics To Take East Jerusalem From Palestinians

It’s no secret that Israel considers East Jerusalem to be the property of the rogue Zionist state. In fact, Israel considers all of Palestine to belong to it. Israeli government ministers frequently state this, very blatantly, on the airwaves. The great problem that the supremacists of Israel have, is that there are millions of Palestinians living there who want no part of Israel.

So how does Israel propose to acquire that which does not belong to it? They intend to remove the indigenous population. All of this is documented, including by the UN who are weak on action against the rogue Zionist state. In East Jerusalem, which is internationally recognized as being the capital of Palestine, Israelis have adopted extremely devious tactics to acquire Palestinian property. They are conning Palestinian landlords into selling their holdings to Zionists. When they have gained control of a sufficient amount of Palestinian property, they will then use this to reassert their specious claim to all of Jerusalem.

The following documentary details the means by which Israel, and its agents, are hoodwinking unwitting Palestinians into the sale of these pivotal pieces of real estate. It’s worth watching, if only to get a better understanding of the fetid lengths that Israel will go to in its hell-bent drive to control and own.

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