Top 10 Global Military Corporations

War is profit, at least for the global military-industrial complex. For those at the other end of the spectrum, war is death and destruction. Corporations make a lot of money when wars break out. These extremely wealthy capitalist concerns wield a great deal of power within their respective states. Therefore, it is financially desirable for those same corporations if their governments go to war. A to B to C.

Public oversight is supposed to prevent unethical decisions from being made by politicians under compliment to the military-industrial complex. Yet that rarely happens in any effective way. Money does change hands in illicit deals and votes are purchased. It makes sense for a military contractor to pay 1 million dollars to a politician if they can force a war that will net the corporation 1 billion.

The following article looks at the 10 largest private military contractors in the world. The numbers given for their profits are enormous. If serious investigative journalists, with strong resources, were to conduct inquiries into those who own these behemoths, then the public would no doubt be shocked at what is really going on. But will such investigations happen or is the MSM entirely in thrall to those who ultimately decide who lives and who dies?

Given the prevalence of armed conflict across our planet for decades, perhaps we all know the answer to the previous question.

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