Russia’s Worst Serial Killer – An Active Cop At Time Of Murders

Serial killers are creatures so disturbed that most of us (hopefully) have no understanding of what makes them tick. They exist across the world, most of them fitting into society to such an extent that they could well be your next door neighbour. Rebel Voice has always wondered if there are both subtle and blatant  signs that people overlook that would indicate the possibility of a serial killer in their midst. You know the kind of thing. Screams or thumps in the night. Women’s undies stolen from the line or laundry basket. Dismembered animals in your teapot. A man running around with a pain white mask and meat cleaver. That sort of stuff. It might even be the person who paints himself orange, has dead hair and presents as an egomaniac. Hmm…

The title photo is of the man believed to be Russia’s most prolific serial killer. Mikhail Popkov, known as the Angarsk Maniac or Werewolf, was a serving police officer at the time of the attacks and often investigated his own crimes. Perhaps that’s why he got away with it for so long. He looks dangerous but would he fit a serial killer profile? Would Ted Bundy have? In this brief article, he recounts how he lured his always female victims to the woods before murdering them. Now, he gets a cell for life. His victims are still dead. Perhaps such a creature needs to punished more severely? What do you think?

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