Top 10 Lesser Known Urban Legends

This is not the most festive post you will see this Christmas, but hey! everyone is getting Santa fever so Rebel Voice felt like something different on this occasion. Urban Legends are great for keeping people away from criminal hideouts and secret government facilities. At least that’s how it works on Scooby Doo.

We all know of some urban legends. Perhaps many of you will have tried some of them out. Rebel Voice knows of one teenager who encouraged his young cousins to recite the Hail Mary backwards into a mirror to see if it would conjure up the Devil. Nothing happened, but that may be because even Satan would be terrified of screaming young girls (have you ever seen a Boyzone concert?).

Have a peek at the following list to see if you have been caught up in any of the legends shown. If you have, then write a successful book about it as most people don’t live to tell the tale!

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