Tory Politicians Feel That ‘The Irish Should Know Their Place’ – British Colonial Mindset Not Yet Dead

Irish people are under no illusion that there are many within the British Establishment/Surplass who view the people of Ireland as inferior. Then again, those same toffs look down their noses at their own countrymen and women, it’s just that with the Irish the disdain is more evident.

The issue of Brexit has uncovered a host of ugly attitudes in Britain that had lain dormant for a time. Certain Tory politicians have felt the need to condemn the Irish as negotiations become more intense, with the deadline for the UK to leave the EU moving ever closer.

The Irish are advised to ‘Know their place‘, as if they should stand meekly in the corner until the high and mighty of the British Establishment finish their scheming. We have the incidence of a Tory mouthpiece (and staunch pro-Israeli), Priti Patel, suggesting that food blockades be used to force the Irish into British Brexit compliance. She ignores the death of more than 1 million Irish who starved during the 19th century as British ships took Irish food out of the country, and the suffering of her own ancestors under the Empire.

It will be found, however, that the Irish have long memories. The past conduct of the British Establishment is not forgotten. So when rabid Tories decide to shout their privileged mouths off about Ireland, threatening the people of the island in the process, it will be found that the citizens of the Emerald Isle will harden their attitudes to their detractors and would-be oppressors.

The following article takes a look at the attitudes of some Tories and the way in which they remain uncensured by their peers for their disgraceful remarks. Although such political clowns are not representative of the population of Britain as a whole, they do exist and they do, sadly, have power.

If Brexit has achieved one thing thus far, it’s that it has served to remind the Irish of how, when push comes to shove, there will always be that tiny minority on the island of Britain who will revert to type, and they will never be friends of Ireland.

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  1. Averil A Wood

    The ENGLISH, in the early 19th Century gave parcels of Irish land to English people in return for some small favour, etc, THE RENTS were ever increasing as the cereal/vegetable crops were hard to grow on this neglected land, from 1845 the potato crop failed and resulted in the potato famines for three consecutive years families who could afford to fled to America, Australia etc. or stayed and starved.
    The very thought of the Brexit squabbles undoing all the hard work that went to heal the anguish and anger that existed between the Catholics and the protestants, the haves and the have nots people had been at war for so long and were now able to start putting it behind them and enjoying some unity.

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