10 Most Deadly CIA-backed Coups In Latin America

They are the eternal bad guys, at least for most of the planet, and for a very good reason. The CIA have been involved in causing more hardship and war across the planet in the last 70 years than any other single organisation.

But the shady Federal corporation acts at the behest of the Establishment/Surplass of the USA. Extremely rich and powerful people who live in opulent mansions make recommendations and issue instructions to the politicians and apparatchiks of the Federal regime. It is these play-makers who ultimately control the actions of the CIA.

The reasons are power and, of course, profit. The old adage is always, Follow the money. It will be found that whenever a CIA-led coup is instigated anywhere in the world, there will be the issue of financial gain at the back of it. It may not always be immediately evident, but rest assured that it’s there. The military-industrial complex thrives and survives via war. Every bullet is profit. The people who use those bullets, or die by them, are merely vessels for financial gain. Patsies.

No region has suffered more from CIA interference than Latin America. Although the US took its eye off the LatinX ball, allowing socialism to regain ground during the nineties and noughties, it can be seen that the right-wing plutocracy of Washington D.C. has moved to reignite turmoil and dissent across both Central and South America. Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile are just some of the nations currently facing an upsurge in right-wing violence and/or control. All of it can be traced back to the US Establishment and their blood-soaked tools in the CIA.

The following list looks at 10 of the most widely documented and far-reaching coups that the sociopaths at Langley have been responsible for. Rebel Voice wonders when the region, and world, will move radically to stop this right-wing process of fermenting civil unrest that facilitates the greed of the corporations that plunder each nation in the wake of the unrest?

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