‘Deep Biosphere’ Teems With Unidentified Life – Scientists Baffled

We humans think ourselves pretty well informed. We might even be regarded as smug at times. Homo Sapiens may be in for a big shock though. A basic understanding of life on this planet will demonstrate that most species, especially the more dominant, don’t make it. Dinosaurs ruled the land for hundreds of millions of years. Their only remaining descendants are chickens. We’ve been around for a few hundred thousand and the omens are poor.

Today, scientists have discovered that there is an entire bio-sphere under our feet. It’s possible that there is more life beneath us than above the surface. Rebel Voice wonders just what medical discoveries could be made from among the new arrivals to our worldview? It’s an exciting prospect.

Fans of sci-fi will be aware that many movies and TV shows have postulated the idea of subterranean cultures in past, present and future. Script-writers of these productions are often well ahead of the curve in terms of scientific discovery and invention. Rebel Voice finds it intriguing that those who weave plots for the entertainment industry may in fact be prophesying the discoveries of the future.

Lets hope that xenomorphs leave us in peace for a while though. Have a look-see at what lies beneath as we plod, oblivious, above their world.

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