Great White Sharks Hunt And Breach In Seal Chase

The Great White shark inspires terror in anyone who has ever seen the movie Jaws, and anyone who hasn’t. They are mean killers with no discernible emotion, kinda like the Israeli military. But sharks can be forgiven for their predations as it’s instinctual and necessary for survival. The Israeli military do it because they can.

In any event, there have been many documentaries about these marine powerhouses. There is much known about them but so much still to be learned. They exude mystery, appearing from out of the murky depths to coldly watch their prey before striking hard and fast. And to think that there are humans who want to swim with them, and have done so. Great White sharks must look at those people with bemusement and wonder why Homo Sapiens are so crazy.

The following video gives us a look at the sheer power and ferocity of a Great White attack as they put seal firmly on the menu. Beware the seas…

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