The Lobby, Part 1 – Young Friends Of Israel

Over the course of many months, Al Jazeera conducted a major undercover investigation into the activities of Israelis, and pro-Israelis, in the UK. Using undercover operatives, the news agency managed to infiltrate Zionist groups and expose their mechanisms for manipulating both British politicians and their public.

The revelations are staggering. Sadly, and not unexpectedly, the UK authorities decided to try to smother the results of this exposé. It didn’t work. An Israeli ‘diplomat’ was forced to leave the country having been recorded as plotting to have certain British MP’s removed from their positions. If it had been Russians involved in such an incident, then there would have been serious international repercussions. Yet, because Israel was involved, the effects were minimal. Even the MSM tried to play it down.

There is clearly a degree of reverse discrimination extant in the way in which the Zionist state is treated. There is one law for the rogue Israeli state and another for everyone else. This position is untenable.

The following footage is important in demonstrating the truth about the Zionist state of Israel. It is evidence that needs to be shared widely and used as leverage in encouraging British politicians to do the right thing, which is to stand steadfastly with the people of Palestine as they fight for human rights and an end to The Palestine Crisis.

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