Kung Fu Mantis Vs Jumping Spider

Rebel Voice cannot look at a Praying Mantis without thinking about Cain, the Shaolin monk who went walkabout in the US throughout the series, Kung Fu. In the popular show, Cain was often referred to as Grasshopper by his master, Po.

OK, we hear what you’re saying, grasshoppers and Praying Mantises are not the same thing and you’re right. In fact, the mantis preys upon the grasshopper. Still, the general demeanor of the Praying Mantis gives them a somewhat monkish, penitential appearance.

Cain was trained in Kung Fu and kicked the crap out of many cowboys as he traversed the Wild West. The family of the Praying Mantis has a member known as the Kung Fu Mantis (you see where I’m going with this?) so…

Image result for kung fu mantis


In this fascinating video, we see how the mantis is hunted by a jumping spider. It’s an intriguing chase between two capable adversaries. It also helps that the Kung Fu Mantis is so attractive and stylish. Perhaps all the cool kids should have one?

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