Top 3 Best-selling Russian Weapons Of 20th Century

Weapons sell. We can see the importance of such profiteering in the current slaughter in Yemen in which the US and UK governments are making vast profits from the sale of killing systems to the Saudi Arabian regime. Human casualties don’t factor into these arrangements. Destruction of civilian life is not considered. It’s all about statistics and spreadsheets and info-graphics concerning money.

The Russians are no slouches either when it comes to selling weapons of death. They have manufactured the most infamous assault rifle of them all in the AK-47. Military development is racing ahead as very clever and callous people figure out the best way to kill others. To stand back and look at this with an open mind is enough to drive a sane person gaga.

The following looks at just 3 of the best-selling Russian weapons. Rebel Voice believes that it’s useful to know your enemy, even if that enemy is a killing system. Of course, ultimately guns are not the problem; the people who make, sell and use them, however, are.

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