India Squanders Money On Giant Statue As Children Go Hungry

Known as The Statue of Unity, the 182m (597ft) memorial dedicated to deceased Indian statesman, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, was begun in 2014 and completed in October, 2018. It cost an estimated $430 million.

Patel was not a popular figure among many of the population of India. He had a reputation for sectarianism and is revered by the right-wing in India today. However, regardless of his politics, the question must be asked; In a nation that has high levels of social deprivation, including child hunger and exploitation, would the money have been better spent on providing relief for the most marginalized in Indian society, starting with the children?

The following video is educational and will help you in better understanding the circumstances surrounding this controversial figure and the opulent statue to him. It’s worth watching if only to enjoy the enthusiasm and animation of the narrator.

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