Top 10 Emergency Tricks You Might Not Know

Winter is on its way in the northern hemisphere. As temperatures begin to drop, it can be useful to know how to survive in emergency situations. For example, do you know how to catch fish using only your pubic hair? What about starting a fire using baked beans and your farts? Or how about jump-starting your car using a female cat, a pair of pliers and some copper wire?

If you want to know how to utilize these items in your quest to see next Spring, then go to another site as Rebel Voice just made that sh*t up. But if you want to get a glimpse at more practical and achievable tricks for getting by, then have a scally at the following video. It may just save your life, plus you will be able to find a way to build a shelter in a blizzard using only your foreskin and some boogers (yep, just made that one up too… or did we?)

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