Global Obesity – Is USA To Blame?

Junk food is everywhere. Burgers, pizzas, soft drinks, crisps, this crap has slowly poisoned the population of the developed world. Waistlines have expanded to gargantuan proportions, as has the sizes of meals. Now, as people in the West become more aware of the need to eat healthily, fast food corporations are increasingly relying upon foreign markets to maintain profits. There are now more KFCs in China than there are in the USA.

So what is the US’s responsibility in exporting empty and harmful calories? The following video looks at the global obesity epidemic and the role of corporate America in it.

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  1. L.Peninger

    It is not the United States responsibility to do anything regarding obesity. It is the responsibility of the obese people or the parents of the obese to do something. There comes a time when people need to do things for themselves. Pull up your big boy or girl pants and make the difference. Don’t wait for the Government to be your superhero. Become the hero yourself.

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      1. L.Peninger

        The basic functions of the United Statesgovernment are listed in the Constitution. They are: ‘To form a more perfect Union’; ‘To establish Justice’; ‘To insure domestic Tranquility’; ‘To provide for the common defense’; ‘To promote the general Welfare’; and ‘To secure the Blessings of Liberty.’
        Don’t you think losing weight should be up to the person? If your wish is to have the government control your free will that is another matter. Sounds like communism.
        Education is the key. Don’t restrain capitalism because some people don’t know moderation.


  2. L.Peninger

    To promote the general welfare does not mean i want the government to tell me what to eat. I want them to provide resources that i might get help if i need. I do want the government make sure those companies that do pollute clean up their mess. By your statements you would shut down all fast food companies so people could lose weight. Does that sound responsible? Do you think it would work?


      1. L.Peninger

        I do agree that fast food has made a terrible mess with straws, styrofoam, and general pollution. That needs to change. People need to be more responsible. Regulations do work however the cost of regulation filters down to the public. If i do eat out i do to want to break the bank. Immorality in corporate is more to blame. We are a gluttonous people in America. We are wasteful to the extreme. Maybe on a personal level we should change.

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