The Palestine Crisis – Right Of Return – Gaza Marches For Human Rights Explained

Gaza is in the headlines again as the Israeli regime blasts the civilian population once more. And yet again the MSM are trying to downplay Zionist atrocities. Tens of thousands of Gazans are marching every Friday, and have been for months, to protest at their imprisonment in the Strip. They walk to the perimeter fences and signal their resistance to the Naziesque policies of the rogue Israeli state, and Zionist snipers shoot them. Some are shot dead, including children, women, medics and journalists. Many more are maimed as they are shot in the legs, which then must be amputated due to the severity of the injuries. Tens of thousands have been wounded by Israeli fire in what are crimes against humanity. No international action has been taken against Israel.

Buy why are the people of Gaza demonstrating? What has motivated them to risk their lives and limbs in defiance of Israeli guns? Why has Gaza become the most prominent part of The Palestine Crisis? What exactly is the Right of Return? The following video may help to enlighten you. It might also make you very angry.

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