Komodo Dragons – Largest Lizards On Earth

The Komodo Dragon has to be one of the most repulsive predators on this planet. As undesirable as it is to be eaten by any animal, the thought of one of these brutes tearing into you must be completely  offensive. Even crocs are preferable to the Komodo.

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Why is this? we hear you scream at your screen. Perhaps it’s because they are so expressionless. Crocs seem to show some emotion, even if it’s a desire to rip you to pieces, or maybe it’s only your perception of their reasoning. Komodo Dragons, however, give the impression that you are inconsequential and will consume you without much ado. It lessens the victim somehow. If we’re to be dinner then we demand respect! And they have a forked tongue. Who wants a forked tongue licking them before they become the main course? OK, perhaps Melania Trump knows how that feels, but does she look to be happy with her life?

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Does Melania see this every morning crawling up the bed towards her?

There is something so primeval about Komodo Dragons. Perhaps they stir up an atavistic fear similar to what many experience around snakes or spiders. Or could it be that we are conditioned by social factors into being repulsed by the Komodo? Whatever the reason, Rebel Voice is certain that many among you will shiver as you watch this video of the ferocious, merciless killer from Indonesia known as the Komodo Dragon.

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10 Responses

  1. I love Komodo dragons so I feel compelled to stick up for them here. I reckon the only reason people are so repulsed by them is because we can’t empathize with them as we do with mammalian predators, e.g. lions or wolves. They don’t have forward facing eyes or display human-like behaviours, and why should they? They are a big-ass lizard! I certainly wouldn’t want to cuddle one, but I think they’re awesome and it’s a great shame that their numbers are decreasing.

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      1. Ha, me thinks you are correct. In truth, I appreciate the furry animals also, they’re better than most humans. Lizards have those cute lippies, buff little limbs and zen-like dimeanor though:) Thank you for the compliment. Back at you. I dig the variety.

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