The Problem Of Israel Explained – BDS In The Ascendancy

Israel is again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. After a botched military raid into Gaza, where Israeli stormtroopers tried to abduct a Hamas leader, the Zionist state has found itself on the receiving end of a PR nightmare.

The Israeli machine that churns out endless propaganda is a formidable weapon. It has been utilized for decades in an attempt to justify the warmongering actions of the Zionist state. Today, it faces its greatest threat in the form of the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) movement. BDS has successfully impeded trade with the rogue state and placed the Zionist entity firmly under the spotlight. Given Israel’s sordid track-record of human rights abuses, the one place it does not want to be is under any spotlight.

To counter this, Israel has decided to employ the old chestnut of labelling anyone who criticizes Israel as anti-Semitic. This battle is today being fought across the globe. Israel is losing. The following video provides a valid and clear introduction into what is taking place in The Palestine Crisis. It also accurately describes the rogue state of Israel in real and truthful terms.

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  1. Michael Judd

    The Balfour Declaration was issued more than a year before the end of WW1, not when Britain had control of Palestine (3:01), but rather when Palestine was still part of the Ottoman Empire. This fact is important to understand not only the history of Palestine but of the entire modern world. The Balfour Declaration was given to Rothschild, as a leader and representative of the Zionist movement, in exchange for his promise that Jewish forces in the US would sway the isolationist Americans to join the Allies in the war. This brought victory to the allies, which had been on the verge of defeat/collapse due to the preeminence of German U-boats. Overwhelming allied victory also set the stage for the punitive and unjust Treaty of Versailles, forced upon a devasted Germany which would lead first to its impoverishment and later to its resurgence as a nationalistic, revanchist state. The resultant second world war would provide the setting for the rise of the military-industrial deep-state in the US pitted against a Communist enemy which it created to justify its growing power, later to be replaced by the eternal war on terrorism. Injustice against the Palestinian people, completely innocent of any role in the Holocaust, would be the origin of a modern world committed to banker-fueled, endless wars for profit.

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