Mapuche Leader Shot Dead By Chilean Fascist Forces

Mapuche is a collective noun used for the various indigenous tribes of the southern region of South America. The Moluche, Picunche and Huilliche are just three of the peoples that come under the term and can be found in both southern Chile and Argentina. They are a fiercely independent group who have never fully yielded to the colonialism of Europe since the arrival of the Spanish to the region in the 1540’s, and have fought continuously to assert their independence. They have suffered greatly for their desire to be free from the abuses normally meted out to native peoples.

Across Latin America there is again a rising tide of fascism and right-wing political positioning. Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Chile all now have far-right governments thanks to the machinations of the US Federal Empire and its agencies. In Chile, the regime of Pinera has enacted oppressive measures to quell dissent. Among those targeted are the Mapuche. The following clip looks briefly at the recent killing of a prominent Mapuche leader. He is said to have been shot in the back, whilst working on a tractor, by government forces. His killing is symptomatic of the policies now taking effect across the south American continent.

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