Yemen Humanitarian Disaster Threatens Lives Of Children In Hospital

It’s a brutal catastrophe and it’s been ongoing for years. Saudi attacks on the civilians of Yemen are relentless. They do not discriminate. Men, women and children, well or ill, one place or another, the Saudi regime doesn’t care. They all die.

The missile systems used by the Wahhabi dictatorship are being supplied by western governments, and Israel. The Houthis are Sh’ia, the Wahhabis are not. Iran is Sh’ia, Israel is not. The Saudi regime and the Israeli regime make strange if comfortable bedfellows. And still the citizens of Yemen die.

The following article looks at the risk to Yemeni hospitals and the sick children in them. As if it isn’t bad enough that the young are traumatized by constant military bombardment, they can now find no relief in a hospital. The silence of the West to the Saudi conduct is unconscionable. Where and when will it end?

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