Top 10 Most Insane Celebrity Rumours

They are the people who keep us talking, some of us anyway. Who is sleeping with who? Who is richest? Who is craziest? Who has biggest house? Who has biggest bum? Who is the biggest bum? The elite of Hollywood have become a form of global royalty taking up massive column inches in all papers.

But with such celebrity comes rumour. These may be started by rivals, media with nothing better to do, or fans who know no better. So how many of these stories are true, even a little bit? How many are completely fabricated? And how many will make you laugh at the thought that anyone could do what it is they are believed to have done. We live in a wacky world, folks, and they don’t come any wackier than the residents of Hollywood and the wider Entertainment Industry. Have a look and see if you agree.

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