Monster Mash – Rockin’ This Happy Halloween!

Here is video to remind you of all the ghosts and ghouls that you might encounter tonight. Rebel Voice wants to advise all readers to take care if out and about this Halloween. There are werewolves, vampires, witches and demons, to name but a few, on the prowl hoping to surprise unsuspecting travellers. Most of these supernatural entities will be hyped up on sugar, extorted from terrified residents too weak to resist. So should you meet them, don’t run, they will hunt you down and destroy you, probably with flour and eggs. Try not to show fear. Don’t let your (rebel) voice tremble or your spindly knees knock. Instead bribe them with promises of future payments or, alternatively, offer them turnips and cabbage, that usually has them scratching their fiendish heads. Happy Halloween, whatever you do!

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