Orcas Hunt Minke Whale

It may seem as if Rebel Voice has a fixation with Orcas as there have been a number of articles featuring this wondrous creature. This blog is in danger of becoming the Dean Koontz of Killer Whales. The reason for this fascination is simple, Orcas are the ultimate predator on this planet, after us people of course.

These whales are powerful, social, organised and extremely intelligent. They also rarely attack humans unless severely provoked, and then who can blame them? In the following video, we get a look at how Orcas hunt larger prey. Different pods tend to specialize in hunting different targets. Some go after seals on ice and on the beaches, some go for smaller fish and some even hunt sharks including Great Whites. But there are groups that will attack and feast upon other cetaceans, including the largest animal known to have existed on this planet, the Blue Whale.

In this sensational footage, it becomes easy to see why Orcas are referred to as Sea Wolves. So relax and marvel at these alpha predators as they overpower a much larger foe.

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