Brazil Elects Fascist As President

Jair Bolsonaro‘s election is not good news for either Brazil or the world. His promotion to the highest office in the vast South American nation is indicative of the rising tide of right-wing, ofttimes fascist, sentiment that is sweeping the globe.

There is a huge gulf in Brazil between those who have and those who have naught. The media represents the former and manipulates the latter. As in the western world in general, it must be asked if there is any such thing as true democracy when that vital flow of information is controlled by corporate and Capitalist concerns?

Bolsanaro has a track record of hardline right-wing views. He favours a return of the military dictatorship that oppressed the people there for decades. His views are mirrored in the White House and increasingly across the streets of Europe. We can see the brutal effects of this mindset in the murder of 11 Jewish people in Pittsburgh on Saturday, 27th October. It will get worse.

Rebel Voice can only hope that the good people of Brazil will realize quickly what has happened and move to counter the danger. If they don’t, then the Capitalists and right-wing merchants of greed will not only further destroy Brazil , her communities and her landscape, they will force negative repercussions across Latin America and the globe. The we will see just how many refugees arrive at the borders of the United States Of America as the victims of Capitalism ironically arrive at the gates of Capitalist Central seeking sanctuary.

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