Cults – 10 Of The Weirdest Right Now

Cults, what’s the catch? They have been around for a very long time. Every religion started out as a cult. The same process is happening today. Think Moonies. Think Scientology. But many and even most don’t last regardless of how fanatical their membership are. Ireland once hosted a group known as the Screamers. They lived on an island off the coast of Donegal. They ran around screeching, to vent their angst at the world. It caused quite a commotion among the local sheep population who shook their woolly heads in dismay.

The next video looks at some of the more unusual cults to be found today. Whilst most cults are religious based, Rebel Voice is of the opinion that others, such as Zionism, could also be included. Zionism is a mix of specious religious belief and political and supremacist ideologies. Perhaps we all should start up our own cults? If you had a chance to begin your’s, what would it be like and who would you like to join?

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