All-Ireland Football Final 2017 Highlights – Mayo v’s Dublin

Although not as ancient a sport as hurling, nor as graceful, Gaelic football is the most popular team sport played in Ireland today. It was designed to be a tough, fast-flowing game of great skill and fair play. Sadly, as the psychology of Free Stateism has reared its ugly head in the GAA, so to have the standards of Gaelic football fallen into decline.

Games in the sport now regularly resemble basketball, with gangs of players running together up the field of play with the ball. It’s a bit like giving the Anthill Mob a ball and putting team kits on them. Rebel Voice doubts that even Penelope Pitstop would be impressed with the cac that is so often on display in the modern game.

However, there is a bright spot to this malaise. As poor as games can be, when a decent game of football now appears, it becomes all the more enjoyable for the reminder it provides of how good Gaelic football can be. When played properly, Gaelic football is a hugely entertaining and skillful spectacle that will enliven even the most stoic observer. One such game was the All-Ireland Final of 2017, when Dublin and Mayo fought a tit-for-tat game that was high octane, tough and addictive viewing.

Perhaps, we will see more of this type of entertainment in the future. But it will not happen until Free Stateism aka, southern Irish Capitalism, is exorcised from the entire organisation of the GAA. So sit and relax, and have a look at what was a fine game, and admire a demonstration of all that highly athletic and skillful Gaelic footballers have to offer a paying and deserving public.

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