AA-12, Fully Auto Military Shotgun

There is no shortage of deadly weapons available to the world’s military. Recently, a new product has entered the market. The AA-12 is a fully automatic shotgun designed for use in the military arena. It will also, no doubt, be used in police force operations.

The shells come in a number of varieties including an explosive round. It has a number of drum sizes and very low recoil. Rebel Voice is amazed at how much effort humans put into inventing new ways to kill one another. If a fraction of that energy was deployed in the field of medical research, we would have eliminated diseases years ago, instead of continually eliminating each other.

Weapons development, such as this formidable piece of kit, demonstrate just how inventive our species can be. Rebel Voice wonders how we can motivate ourselves more fully in different and benevolent sectors? If, however, nasty-ass aliens appeared on our world (Donnie’s Spaceforce¬†having failed to stop them) then this would be one impressive tool for earth defence on a personal level. If Ripley had of had one of these babies, that slimy alien wouldn’t have stood a chance. Of course she likely would have destroyed the ship as well, as the firepower in this is extreme.

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