Ottoman Empire – Path To The Top

The Ottoman Empire was a vast political entity that stretched from Persia to southern and eastern Europe and across North Africa. It incorporated millions of inhabitants and various different cultures and ethnicities. It came close to rivaling the Roman Empire, but not quite.

The collapse of the Ottoman Empire, after the end of Word War One, is still being felt in the most negative ways today. Nation sates, such as Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia were created were none existed before. This assisted Western control of the region and facilitated greater access to the natural resources to be found there. Conflicts still rage there due to those arrangements made by westerners upon the Turkish collapse.

Of course, one of the greatest casualties of that collapse was Palestine. When the UK took control of that ancient land, they eventually capitulated to Zionist terrorism and ceded the territory to fanatical Jewish supremacists who began a program of ethnic cleansing and slaughter of the indigenous people which continues to this very day.

In this, we can clearly see how even the most ancient empires have created severe repercussions for our modern world. Rebel Voice wonders the degree of impact, upon future generations, the collapse of the US Empire will have.

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